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It's Friday! Hooray for new beers and the Weekend. Oh and Three Floyds

St Bernardus Christmas Ale 750mL Brew Kettle Winter Warmer 6pks Jolly Traveler 6pks Breckenridge Christmas Ale 12pk Bottles Fat Heads Hop Stalker 4pks *restocked*

Special release at 6 P.M. tonight.

Bells Neptune 12oz bottles

A big thanks to Dogfish Heads Justin for coming out Wednesday and bringing the Randall and all of the goodies. Manna truck for prodiving us with their time and amazing food. Thanks to Bent Tree for supporting local and letting us use their delicious Peru Norte blend for our infused Dogfish Head Punk'n Ale. And a big thanks to everyone who came out, we hope everyone had a great time, we sure did!

Be sure to join us starting tomorrow through next Saturday for our Week of the Dead specials including a first ever Happy Hour and the scariest beers and mixed drinks we have to offer.

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