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When ordering kegs keep in mind:

  • Just because you find it on their website does not mean we can 100% get it. Sometimes the websites are wrong.

  • We cannot order larger than 1/6 kegs

  • The only domestics we can get are Budweiser and Michelob Ultra

  • If the product isn't available in Ohio we cannot get it special for you.

  • Certain rarities won't be available
    (i.e. Bourbon County, Dark Lord ect.)

  • We will contact you by phone if we have any issues/questions with/about your order

  • Kegs arrive on Fridays

  • For now kegs cannot be picked up on Sundays unless told otherwise

  • We order from the following distributors: Beverage Distributors, Cavalier, Esber, Heidelberg, House of Larose, Premium,
    Sixth City, Serene, Superior, Tramonte
    (The above links should only be used as a guide to see what may be available. Inventory and pricing may be different than what is listed)

Keg Ordering Form

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 Keg Ordering

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