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Willow St Patio Open

To celebrate June we've opened up both patio sides! Soak up some sun on the patio and enjoy this amazing weather in style. New in Today: -Old Nation Rubikon 16oz 4pk -Old Nation Turps Hazy New Zealand IIPA 16oz 4pk -Old Nation Whirled Tart POG Golden Ale 16oz 4pk -Montucky Pride 16oz 6pk -Troegs Field Study 6pk -Wyndridge Blackberry Mojito Cider 6pk -Masthead Svartalfheim 16oz 4pk (Restock) -Brew Kettle Los Colores 6pk -Rusty Rail Whoo Berry (Blueberry Lager) 16oz 4pk -Happy Dad Happy Mom Raspberry 12pk -War Pigs Reign of Hera 6pk Single: -Pipeworks Summon the Unicorns 16oz -Pipeworks Open Your Ryes 16oz -Pipeworks Horchata 16oz -Pipeworks Get Pumped 16oz -Listermann S'Morty 16oz -Listermann Turtles All The Ways Down 16oz -Oozlefinch Grape Boozy Soda 16oz -Oozelfinch Lemon Lime Boozy Soda 16oz -Oozelfinch Orange Boozy Soda 16oz -Artisanal Brew Works Warheads Orange Pineapple Sour 16oz -Artisanal Brew Works Warheads Blue Raspberry 16oz -Brewing Projekt Cowabunga Mango Pineapple Gose 16oz -Brewing Projekt Puff Tart Strawhubrab (Strawberry/Rhubarb/Cinnamon)16oz -Brewing Projekt Smoofee Mandarin Blueberry Tangerine Vanilla 16oz -Grimm Fluffy Tufts 16oz -Grimm Super Crush 16oz -Grimm Wavetable 16oz -Grimm Weisse 16oz Non Alcoholic: -Athletic Day Pack Variety 12pk -Athletic Geralts Golden 6pk -Original Sin White Widow Cider 6pk

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