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Wait... It's Wednesday?

State mask ordinances is lifted today! That means no masks unless a business requires them! We will not be requiring them until further notice (hopefully never again!) It's Wine Wednesday again everyone! Come down and join us for $2.00 off wine by the glass and $1.00 off all drafts until 7:00pm! New in Today: -Founder Rubaeus 6pk -Founders All Day Vacay 15pk -Boulevard Early Riser 6pk -Boulevard Tiki Slam 6pk -Einstok Arctic Lager 6pk -Three Floyds Sicario Pina 12oz single -Mad Tree Treesearch No. 6 16oz 4pk -Mighty Swell Pineapple 6pk -Prairie Just The Juice 4pk -Prairie Spicy Pickle Monster 4pk -Robinson Trooper IPA 16.9oz -Stone Enjoy By 07/04/21 6pk

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