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Revenge of the 5th!

There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere. Join us today for our May the Fourth Be With You: Revenge of the 5th event! Celebrate both Cinco De Mayo and Star Wars with us! Check out the menu below and we'll see you soon!

New in Today:

-Ithaca Petal Power 16oz 4pk

-Heart State Thick Sour 16oz 4pk

-Sonder You Betcha! Ipa 6pk

-Sonder Voss Kolsch 6pk

-Sonder Hefeweizen 6pk

-Sonder Record Hop V.9 6pk

-Masthead Sunday Transfer 16oz 4pk

-Masthead Paradise Grapefruit IPA 16oz 4pk

-Happy Dad Variety 12pk

-Downeast Blue Slushie 4pk

-Fat Heads Hop Honcho 4pk

-Urban Artifact Resh 6pk

-Troegs Perpetual Haze 16oz 4pk

-Brew Kettle Los Colores 6pk

-R. Shea Helles 16oz 4pk


-Masthead Hazelnut Tiramisu Underverse (BBA) 16oz

-Untitled Art Vanilla Hazelnut Coconut Imperial Stout 12oz

-Tripping Animals Giraffe Party Sour Ale 16oz

-Anchorage Where is Tomorrow 16oz

-Veil Sick Sick Weekend Weekend 16oz

-Veil White Bugatti 3 16oz


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