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Palindrome Day!

T-2 Days until Bourbon County! (12.4.21 starting at noon!) In the meantime join us today, before 7:00pm, for KSU Appreciation Thursday! This is your chance to enjoy flights for $3.00 off as well as Moonshine, Bourbon, and Wine by the glass for $1.00 off! Enjoy your palindromic day and we'll see you soon! New and Returning Today: -Map Cap Bullet 16oz 4pk -Mad Cap Death Save 16oz 4pk -Earnest Hippie Holiday 6pk -Single, Rogue Dreamland 19oz -Blake's Berry Cranders 6pk -Boulevard R&D BA 6pk Variety

-Boulevard Sugarwood Baklava 4pk

-Maui Brewing Company Makena 4pk

-Mad Tree Ahuevo 4pk -Missing Mountain High Tuck Gym Shorts 16oz 4pk

-Missing Mountain Mustaches & Man Buns 16oz 4pk

-Fruh Kolsch 5L Can

-Acrobrau Weissbier 5L

-Toppling Goliath Reaper of Sun Dbl IPA 16oz 4pk

-Toppling Goliath Digital Dawn 16oz 4pk

-Toppling Goliath Pseudo Seltzer 12pk

-Ellicottville Platter's Duo (Raspberry/Orange Truffle) 16oz 4pk

-Nowhere in Particular Decorate the Mahogany 16oz 4pk

-Bell's Bright White 6pk

-Single, Equilibrium DHOP 36 16oz

-Single, Avery Beast Grand Cru 2016 Vintage

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