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Hopocalypse Saturday

Will the world end in darkness? Nope! It will end in hoppy beers! Happy Friday everyone! Tomorrow is Hopocalypse! So come in a join us for a few amazing hoppy beers. New in Today: Birdfish Larry Birdfish 19.2oz 4pk Birdfish Zed Lupulin 16oz 4pk Birdfish Black Current Gose 16oz 4pk Modist Brewing Half Believing Gravity 16oz single Hidden Springs Sunshine Gelato 16oz single Hidden Springs El Diablo Berliner 16oz single The Brewing Projekt Float On16oz single Waterloo Raspberry Radler 16oz 4pk MadTree Treesearch 16oz 4pk Surly Pentagram 16oz 4pk Boss Dog Millennial Hipster 6pk Boss Dog Punch Out 6pk Nowhere In Particular Saddle Blankets 16oz 4pk Flying Dog Chesapeake 6pk Melvin Star Valley 6pk Melvin Juice Theorem 6pk

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