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Happy Friday the 13th!

It's a gorgeous winter day here in Kent, Ohio! Come in and pick up some of the amazing new beers we got in today! Enjoy your weekends and we'll see you soon! New in Today: -Founders KBS Chocolate Cherry 4pk -Rhinegeist Juicy Truth 6pk -White Claw Peach 6pk -Shiner Bonfire Brewskis 6pk -Little Kings 24pk! -Homestead 3 MCs 4pk -Rogue Combat Wombat 16oz 4pk -McKenzie's Variety 12pk -Alaskan Chillin' Cold IPA 6pk -Goose Island Sofie 6pk -Goose Island Hazy Beer Hug 6pk -Collision Bend Bollard 6pk -Dogfish Head Nordic Spring 6pk -Oskar Blues Cosmic Mutant 6pk -Sierra Nevada Juicy Little Thing 6pk -Erie Skipper Stout 6pk -Toppling Goliath Dragon's Fandango 16oz 4pk -Masthead Best Case Scenario 16oz 4pk -Masthead Hazy Headlines 16oz 4pk -Masthead Espresso Single Origin Coffee Stout 16oz 4pk Single: -Southern Grist Insert Juicy Pun Hazy IPA 16oz -Southern Grist Breakfast Bar Choco Peanut-Swirl 16oz -Southern Grist Imperial Double Fruited Passionfruit Mango Pineapple Hill Sour 16oz -Southern Grist Logical Fallacy West Coast IPA 16oz

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