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Happy Black Friday

We made it through another Thanksgiving! There's no better way to decompress after the Holiday than to get a few beers and enjoy some peace. Enjoy your Black Friday and we'll see you soon! Check the event page for info on the Bourbon County Release on December 4th! New in Today: -Brew Kettle Maple Barrel Aged Winter Warmer 16oz 4pk -Brew Kettle Bourbon Barrel Aged Tunguska 16oz 4pk -Brew Kettle Tunguska 6pk -Wild Ohio Black Raspberry 6pk -Wild Ohio Cranberry 6pk -Royal Docks Yuletide 16oz 4pk -Middlecoast Lemon Ginseng Seltzer 6pk -Graff Ciders Big Farma 4pk -Graff Ciders Book of Nomad Jaws of Deafeat 4pk New Singles: -Tripping Animals Three Years of Tripping 16oz -Tripping Animals Triple Berry Pie Piggy 16oz

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