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Friday is CAN-tastic

It's a CAN-tastrophe here at 101 Bottles. Come in and check out some of these crazy new beers we got it! Remember Hopocalypse will be March 13th! Check back for a draft list and more info!

New in Today

-Millersburg Dank Democracy 6pk

-March First Astra Red Cream Seltzer 6pk

-Dogfish Head Sunday Feels 6pk

-Downeast Blackberry 4pk cans

-Great Lakes Gimme 5 Variety 15pk

-Crafted Criminal KLP 16.9oz

-Jackie O's Under A Cloud 4pk

-Revolution Galaxy Hero 16oz 4pk

-R. Shea Exotic Matter Key Lime 16oz 4pk

-Clown Shoes Origin Story (Kung Fu Ballet Series) 19.2oz single

-Abomination Wandering into the Fog (Galaxy) 16oz single

-Evil Twin Blueberry Donut Even More Jesus 16oz single

-Evil Twin Pink Pineapple IPA 16oz single

-Fat Orange Cat Dazed and Confused Teenage Kittens 16oz single

-Off Color Dino S'mores 16oz single

-Omnipollo Daidalos 16oz single

-Skygazer Brewing Watercolors Synergy 16oz single

-Battery Steele Flume Imp. IPA 16oz single

-The Brewing Projekt Smoofie (Blackberry Plum Raspberry) 16oz single

-The Brewing Projekt Smoofie (Blackberry Rhubarb Guava Pineapple Cinnamon Vanilla) 16oz single

-SingleCut I'm Using Technology 16oz single

-SingleCut Schindleria Praematurus 16oz single

-Untitled Art Mango Coconut Sticky Sour 16oz single

^Image Made by Leslie Herman for Fat Orange Cat (


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