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Prepare for another beautiful weekend here in Kent, Ohio! Don't forget to mark your calender for 7.15 and join us for a Brew Dog tap feature alongside Erie Street Kitchen! We'll be having some awesome giveaways so make sure to stop in and enjoy a Brew Dog! New in Today: -Wolf's Ridge Chocolate Dire Gorgon 4pk -Wolf's Ridge Hefeweizen 6pk -Wolf's Ridge Starlight Navigation 6pk -Rhinegeist Wowie Colada 6pk -DuClaw Sour Me America 6pk (Restock) -R. Shea Extragalactic Peach Gose 16oz 4pk -Ithaca Box of Samplers Sour Sampler 8pk -Flying Dog Chesapeake Tangerine 6pk -Hi-Wire Paloma Fruit Tart Sour 16oz 4pk -Masthead Last Case Scenario 16oz 4pk -Flying Monkey Velvet Bubble 16oz 4pk -El Segundo Broken Skull Lager 16oz 4pk -El Segundo Broken Skull IPA 16oz 4pk Singles: -Froth Liquid Lollipop Watermlon Blueberry Strawberry Kiwi 16oz -Froth Liquid Lollipop Strawberry Guava Lemon Lime 16oz -Froth Liquid Lollipop Pineapple Mango Marshmallow 16oz -Froth Liquid Lollipop Strawberry Pomegranate Pineapple Marshmallow 16oz -The Brewing Projekt Hawaiian Shirt Party Tiki Sour 16oz -The Brewing Projekt Jungo Juice Peach Passionfruit Strawberry 16oz -The Brewing Projekt BOMB Seltzer Creamsicle 12oz -The Brewing Projekt BOMB Seltzer Pina Colada 12oz

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