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Happy Friday everyone!!! We made it through another week! We've got a ton of new singles in so make sure to check below! New in Today: -Nutrl: Vodka Seltzer Variety 12pk -Two Roots: Enough Said Helles 6pk (NA) -Two Roots: New West IPA 6pk (NA) -Two Roots: Straight Drink IPA 6pk (NA) -Rusty Rail: Waffle Sauce 16oz 4pk -El Segundo: Broken Skull IPA 16oz 4pk -Single, Bookhouse: Third Anniversary Triple NEIPA 16oz -Single, Humble Forager: Coastal Sunshine v15 16oz -Single, Humble Forager: Enchanted Island Tiki Sour v3 12oz -Single, Untitled Art: Tropic Smoothie Seltzer 16oz -Single, The Brewing Projekt: Bomb Seltzer Creamsicle 12oz -Single, The Brewing Projekt: Bomb Seltzer Guava Passionfruit Mango 12oz -Single, The Brewing Projekt: Puff Tart XL Mandarin Raspberry Banana 16oz -Single, The Brewing Projekt: Splash Pad IIIPA 16oz -Single, Tripping Animals: Yabadabadu Sour 16oz -Single, Tripping Animals: Ruth DIPA 16oz -Single, Tripping Animals: Introspection 16oz -Single, Tripping Animals: Tripping FTK (For the Kids: Proceeds go to the Apple-a-Day Foundation) 16oz -Single, Tripping Animals: Caliente Aqui DIPA 16oz -Single, Tripping Animals: Volcanic Slushy XXL Sour Ale 16oz -Revolution DDH Stratasphero 16oz 4pk -The Bruery Mischief 16oz 4pk

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