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Whoa it's Wine Wednesday here at 101 Bottles. Come down and enjoy $2.00 off wine by the glass until 7:00pm today! As we approach the Holiday season I thought it may be fair to remind you that we offer gift cards which we can now load with any amount you see fit! (Even $101!) New in Today: -Fat Heads Hazy 8 16oz 4pk -Boulevard Deep Flux (Three Floyds Collab.) 4pk -Ommegang Neon Rainbows 16oz 4pk -Heavy Seas Hazy Cannon 6pk -Hoppin' Frog Gavel Banger 12oz single -Urban Artifact Astrolabe 4pk -Jackie O's Dream Pillow 4pk -Jackie O's Bourbon Barrel Oil of Aphrodite single -Stone Features and Benefits 6pk

Get it? Like single beers? Ha... You get it.

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