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Closing at 5:00pm Sunday the 5th!

It's another Friday everyone! We may have gotten blind-sided by a bit of snow but it's still a gorgeous day! Come check out some of our new beers and stay for a drink or two

Last reminder: We will be closing at 5:00pm on Sunday!

New in Today:

-Nowhere in Particular Hitting the Gritty 6pk

-New Holland Dragon's Milk Reserve (Coffee Chocolate) 4pk

-Flying Dog Hare Chaser IPA 6pk

-Flying Dog Nuclear Smile DIPA 6pk

-Masthead Best Case Scenario 16oz 4pk

-Masthead Surf to Slope New Zealand Pils 16oz 4pk

-Heavy Seas Chocolate Volcano 6pk

-Wolf's Ridge Caramel Macchiato Daybreak 6pk

-Noble Beast Union Pils Bohemian Lager 16oz 4pk

-Brew Kettle Cowboy Coffee 16oz 4pk

-Brew Kettle Utah 9 6pk

-Platform Coffee Lawlessness 6pk


-Hop Butcher Unwind Your Mind IPA 16oz

-Hop Butcher Meet the Simcoes IPA 16oz

-Froth Talkboiz IPA 16oz

-Froth Bills Liquid Lollipop 16oz

-Froth Drippin' Dots 16oz

-Tripping Animals Bulls on Parade IIPA 16oz

-Tripping Animals Sour Trip 16oz

-Tripping Animals Introspection IIIPA


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