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Best of Ohio

Join us this Friday the 26th for our last scheduled Food Truck Friday of Summer! Let's put the spotlight on a state that we all know and love... our very own Ohio! Come in and get some amazing and strange Ohio beers we've picked up and even enjoy some fine food from Erie Street Kitchen (from 5-8:00pm.) New in Today: -Brooklyn Oktoberfest 6pk -Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin 6pk -Maumee Bay Buckeye Beer Lager 6pk -Wyndridge Harvest Variety Cider 12pk -Wyndridge Pumpkin Spice Hard Cider 6pk -Wyndridge Caramel Apple Hard Cider 6pk -Wyndridge Apple Cider Donut Hard Cider 6pk -R. Shea Terminally Relaxed 16oz 4pk -Robinson Trooper Box Set -Foundation Gretel (Oktoberfest) 16oz 4pk -El Segundo Broken Skull Lager 16oz 4pk -El Segundo Broken Skull IPA 16oz 4pk

Singles: -Epic Pumpkin Porter 22oz -Epic BBA Imp. Pumpkin Porter 22oz -New Belgium Pink Lemonade Fruit Smash 19.2oz -Urban Artifact Teke 19.2oz -Achel Bruin Trappist Ale 330ml -Achel Blonde Trappist Ale 330ml

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