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Gettin' Down on Friday

Friday is finally here so come on down and enjoy some beer. No plans today? Well then come get a beer on the patio and relax!

Dogfish Head Sunday Feels 6pk

DuClaw Unicorn Farts 16oz 4pk(Limit 2 per Customer)

Untitled Art POG Milkshake 16oz Single

Untitled Art Fizz Mojito 12oz Single

Humble Forager Sunshine Smoothie Sour 16oz Single

Humble Forager Sunshine Fruited Sour 16oz Single

Bookhouse Double Whoops Juicy 16oz Single

Bookhouse Lime Gose 6pk

Bookhouse Jacob Hefeweizen 6pk

Lord Hobo Boom Sauce 16oz 4pk

Lord Hobo Angelica 16oz 4pk

Sixpoint Berry Jammer 6pk

Rhinegeist Mathlete 6pk

Working Class Wing Walker Wheat 6pk

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