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101 Fest Day 1

Day 1 of 101 Fest is upon us! Rare beer tapping and bottle release! Bettys Bomb A** Burgers on site at 6pm! Free raffle giveaway at 8pm as well!

Draft list and bottle list below!

-Swag! -Custom Event Glassware & T-Shirts! -Art by I AM NWD (Event Posters) -Bottle Releases: Friday (All Released at 6pm) Founders KBS Off Color Dino Smores Off Color Coffee Dino Smores Dogfish Head 120min Dogfish Head Fruitful Fort Dogfish Head Oak Aged World Wide Stout Avery Uncle Jacobs Stout 12oz

-Saturday we challenge you to the Krombacher Stein Challenge at 7pm! -Southern Thangs Food Truck on site 7pm! -Bottle releases all day!

-Bottle Releases: Saturday (See times below for Release) Goose Island BCS (1pm) Goose Island Northwoods (2pm) Goose Island BC Barleywine (3pm) Founders KBS 750mL (4pm) Epic Big Bad Baptist Reserve 22oz (5pm) Founders CBS 750mL (6pm) Evil Twin/Westbrook Imperial Cake Break Your Neck (8pm)

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