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Harvest of the Dead & New Arrivals

Wednesday, that means new beers and specials!

-$1.00 off ALL drafts until 8pm -$2.00 off ALL glasses of wine until 8pm!

Tonight at 6pm! Harvest of the Dead event! Featuring -Wolf's Ridge Cone & Bine -Hoppin Frog Raw Frog -Platform Foliate -Founders Harvest -Fat Heads Hop Stalker -Stone Enjoy By 10.31.17 -Stone Dr. Frankenstone Monster IPA -101 Exclusive glassware -Stone Dr Frankenstone Monster IPA glasses

New Arrivals! -Urban Artifact Chariot 6pks -Boulevard Nut Cracker 6pks -Boulevard Snow and Tell 6pks -Chouffe N'Ice 4pks -Dogfish Head Pennsylvania Tuxedo 4pks -Dogfish Head Truth Serum 6pks -Hoppin Frog Frosted Frog 6pks -Prairie BOMB! 12oz -Prairie Imaginary Friends 4pks -Prairie Phantasmagoria 4pks -Shorts Bloody Beer 6pks -Evil Twin I Love You With My Stout 4pks -Omnipollo Luscro 4pks -Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzer 4pks -Weihenstephan Gift Sets -Left Hand NITRO Bittersweet 4pks -Sixpoint Tesla 6pks

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