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Holiday Mix N Match Raffle! 12-10-16

Stop by tonight for our Holiday Mix N Match Party & FREE Brewery Swag Raffle!

Today's event runs open to close (11am-2:30am), and is centered around finding your new favorite drink(s)! We are offering sample sizes of everything that we serve at our bar for ONE DAY ONLY (Beer, Bourbon, Moonshine, & Wine)! We also have brand new Bourbon and Moonshine Menus to check out, special offers on wine by the glass & by the bottle, and great deals on draft beer & glassware!

Our FREE RAFFLE begins at 6:00pm tonight!

See photos for raffle items! Each customer is allowed ONE FREE TICKET for the general raffle (all tin tackers are in one raffle togther), ONE FREE TICKET for the neon signs, and ONE FREE TICKET for the Lagunitas Millie cut-out! One additional ticket may be earned for every $10 spent at 101 Bottles, beginning at 5:00pm--this offer will continue until the raffle ends! You may put your additional tickets into the raffle of your choice! See store for details!


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