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Happy Thursday!

Thursdays New Arrivals:

-Blakes Hard Cider Flannel Mouth 6pk cans

-Deschutes Collage 2 w/ Hair of the Dog 22oz (14.3%)

-Ithaca Box of Hops Variety 12pk

-Mt Carmel Coffee Brown Ale 6pk

-Rogue Santas Private Reserve 6pk

-Thirsty Dog Pumpkin Ale 4pk

-Uinta Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout 22oz

-Uinta Croggy Brett Saison 750ml

-Uinta Ready Set Gose 6pk cans

-Uinta Rise & Pine 6pk cans

-Uinta Tangerine Hop Nosh 6pk cans

-Victory Storm King Stout 4pk

KSU Appreciation Specials (Thursdays 11am-8pm):

-$5.00 Make Your Own Beer Flight (save $4.50!)

-$1.00 off all Draft Beer

-$1.00 off all Moonshine Mixed Drinks & Shots

-$1.00 off all Bourbon Mixed Drinks & Shots

-$1.00 off all Wine by the glass

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