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They're Baaaaaack!

School is back in session, and the beers, like the students are pouring back into town!

New Arrivals 8-26-16:

3 Floyds Alpha King 12oz bottles *2 per customer

3 Floyds Gumball Head 12oz bottles *2 per customer

3 Floyds Moloko 22oz *1 per customer

Abita Peach Lager 6pk Ace Space Blood Orange Cider 22oz Arbor Brewing Buzzsaw 6pk Arbor Brewing Strawberry Blonde 6pk Arcadia Jaw-Jacker 6pk Bell's Best Brown Ale 6pk Bell's Double Cream Stout 6pk Bell's Oatsmobile 6pk Bell's Two Hearted 12pk cans Boulevard Funky Pumpkin 6pk Boulevard Funkier Pumpkin 750ml Brothers Drake Apple Pie 750ml

Clown Shoes Archdruid 22oz

Dark Horse Smells Like a Safety Meeting 6pk

Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale 6pk

Elysian Space Dust 6pk

Flying Dog Gourd Standard 6pk Flying Dog The Fear 6pk

Flying Monkey Smashbomb 6pk

Four String Skeleton Red Rye 6pk cans

Four String Switchblade IPA 6pk cans

Green Flash Treasure Chest 22oz

North Peak Siren 6pk

Prairie Ales Ace 16.9oz3

Rhinegeist Cougar 6pk cans

Rhinegeist Truth 6pk cans

Rhinegeist Cidergeist Semi Dry 6pk cans

Rivertowne Grateful White 6pk cans Spindoktor 16oz cans The Brew Kettle 4 C's 6pk The Brew Kettle Kitka 6pk The Brew Kettle Old 21 4pk The Brew Kettle Slaughter House Red 6pk The Brew Kettle Valravn 6pk

Two Brothers Atom Smasher 6pk

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