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Weary Dreary Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! It might be a tad bit gloomy but we've got beer to cheer you up! Don't forget to join us for the Three Floyds event on Friday! Check the Facebook event post, Facebook pinned post, or for more info!

New in Today:

-Boulevard BA Wheat Wine 4pk

-B. Nektar Orange Cream Delight 4pk

-B. Nektar The Dudes Rug 4pk

-Clausthaler Santa Claus 6pk (Non-Alcoholic)

-Three Floyds Permanent Funeral 16oz 4pk

-Heavy Seas Frozen Seas Sampler 12pk

-Revolution Fistmas 6pk

-Revolution Imperial Anti-Hero 16oz 4pk

-Steven's Point Whole Hog Brownie 6pk


-Hoppin' Frog BA Frosted Frog 16oz

-Hoppin' Frog Flogichlaus 8oz

-Listermann There's Always Money in the Banana Stand 16oz

-Listermann Liquid Sword 2.0 16oz

-Pipeworks Synchronized Peach 16oz

-Pipeworks Ninja vs Unicorn vs The Cryo 16oz


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