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Happy Tuesday everyone. We made it through Monday and that is something to celebrate! Come in and get $2.00 off bourbon pours and $1 off drafts until 7:00pm! Read below for some sweet and festive new beers! New in Today: -Yuengling Hershey Porter 6pk (Limit 2 6pks per customer) -Platform Yule Jude Christmas 6pk -Platform South Pole Elf Spiced 6pk -Platform Pink Drink 16oz 4pk -Goose Island Christmas IPA 6pk -Epic Chasing Ghosts 16oz 4pk

-Roak French Toast Devil Dog 6pk

-Roak Watusi Moonshot 16oz 4pk

-Roak Hopgazer 16oz 4pk

-Melvin Island in the Dream 16oz Single

-Troegs Master of Pumpkin 16oz 4pk

-Masthead Forest Critters 16oz

-Bell's 35th Ann. Expedition 6pk

-Masthead Wet Work 16oz 4pk


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