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New Years Eve

Friday is upon us, as well as the last day of 2021! Pick up some last-minute champagne or join us at the bar for some drinks! We're open until 1:00am tonight! We'll see you soon! Tomorrow we will be opening at 4:00pm and will be closing at 11:00pm. New in Today: Shorts Bellaire Brown 6pk Shorts Step into the Haze 6pk Bud Light Sour Seltzer 12pk Single, Untitled Art Mexican Pot de Creme Stout 12oz Single, Aslin Master of Karate DIPA 16oz Single, Aslin Power Moves 16oz Single, Energy City Bistro Crumble Raspberry Blackberry 16oz Single, Energy City Bistro Smoothie Mango Pineapple Banana 16oz Single, Hidden Springs Apple Of My Eye Berliner 16oz


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