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Happy Black Friday!

Black Friday got you down? Well come on in and get some beer to relax for a bit. The only lines here are the draft lines that bring you the best beer around for miles! Bourbon County will be releasing at 5:00pm! Entries for the Bourbon County Variant raffle will be ending at 5:00pm sharp and winners will be contacted sometime after 5:00pm! (Just give me some time that's a lot of phone calls to make!) New in Today: -Bookhouse Get Yer Oats Imperial Stout 16oz single -Bookhouse Spiced Orange Cake Christmas Ale 16oz single -Working Class Bank Boss 6pk -Well Being Hellraiser 4pk (NA) -Well Being Intentional IPA 4pk (NA) -Well Being Victory Wheat 4pk (NA) -Nowhere in Particular Thank You for Being 16oz 4pk -Boulevard Research and Development 6pk -Prairie Bourbon Paradise 12oz -Prairie Bourbon Weekend 12oz -Prairie Mocha Noir 12oz -Brew Kettle BA Winter Warmer 16oz single -Brooklyn Black Chocolate 6pk -Royal Docks Pav's Creamery Hazelnut Cappuccino 4pk -Royal Docks Pav's Creamery Salted Caramel 4pk -Birdfish Just Add Sprinkles 16oz single -Birdfish Grynch 12oz single -Troegs Most Wonderul Beer of the Year 12pk cans


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