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It's finally Friday everyone! It's absolutely gorgeous today pending more rain! Come in and enjoy some amazing beers with us. I can't wait to see you all soon! New in Today: -Hop Tree Festmeister 16oz 4pk -Hop Tree Granola Crunching Tree Hugger 16oz 4pk -Single, Humble Forager Coastal Sunset V.4 16oz -Single, The Brewing Projekt Jungo Juice Pineapple Plum Peach16oz -Single, The Brewing Projekt Hawaiian Shirt Party Tiki Sour 16oz -Single, The Brewing Projekt Slumbering Giant 16oz -Single, Untitled Art Blueberry Banana Smoothie Seltzer 16oz -Single, Untitled Art Ecto Green Seltzer 16oz -Well Being Hellraiser Dark Amber 4pk (NA) -Well Being Intentional IPA 4pk (NA) -Well Being Victory Wheat 4pk (NA) -Rhinegeist, Franz 6pk -Platform Muni 4pk -Brew Kettle Utah 9 6pk -Brew Kettle POG White Rajah 6pk -Sibling Revelry Festbier 6pk -Rusty Rail Pumpkin Swirl 16oz 4pk -Urban Artifact Fruit Tart Seltzer (Peach) 6pk -Urban Artifact Fruit Tart Seltzer (Pineapple Passionfruit) 6pk -Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest 6pk -Wolf's Ridge Wall Market 16oz 4pk


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