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Freaky Friday!

It's Friday, baby! Come in and enjoy some amazing beers on draft and start the weekend in style!

Starting next Friday (May 14th) every other Friday will be a Food Truck Friday! Join us next week for Scratch Food Truck alongside some amazing Great Lakes beers!

New Packs:

-Hell's (Gordon Ramsay) Seltzer Mixed 12pk

-Saucy White Light 6pk

-Sibling Revelry Favorite Sister 6pk

-Sibling Revelry Only Child 6pk

-Wolf's Ridge Weizenbrot 6pk

-Wolf's Ridge Lemon Meringue Pie 16oz 4pk

-Dubuisson Cuvee Des Trolls 4pk

-Dubuisson Peche Mel 4pk

-Dubuisson Triple 4pk

-Dubuisson Scaldis Caractere 4pk

-Dubuisson Surfine 4pk

-Troegs Raspberry Tart Ale 6pk

-R. Shea Exotic Matter Strawberry 16oz 4pk

-R. Shea Twitchy Mexican Custapec 16oz 4pk

-R. Shea Extragalactic Strawberry Mango 16oz 4pk

-Ellicottville Mary Gose Round 16oz 4pk

-Masthead Springfest 16oz 4pk

-Bookhouse Key Lime Gose 16oz 4pk

New Singles:

-Wolf's Ridge Yub Nub 22oz

-Maine Brewing Post Ride Snack 16.9oz

-Maine Brewing Lunch 16.9oz

-The Brewing Projekt Obtain Intellect Imperial Sour 16oz

-Singlecut 18 Watt IPA 16oz

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