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Feisty Friday

Happy Friday everyone! We've got some amazing stuff in today! We even got the brand new Arizona Hard Teas in today! Be sure to grab a couple amazing brews and enjoy the gorgeous weather. New in Today: -R. Shea Towpath'n 16oz 4pk -Wiedemann's Summertime Lime Ale 6pk -Abita Barney Doppelbock 6pk -Sonder Rootbeer 16oz 4pk -Toppling Goliath Haze bus 16oz 4pk -Toppling Goliath Playa Del Mundo 16oz 4pk -Arizona Hard Tea 12pk -Flying Embers Pineapple 6pk -21st Amendment Hazy IPA 6pk -Left Hand Breezy 6pk -Heavy Seas Cosmic Blur 6pk -Cooper's Pale Ale 6pk -Three Floyds Foeder Fiend Mango 4pk -Three Floyds Pillar of Beasts 4pk -Shorts Freedom of 78 6pk -Stone Enjoy By 07.04.23 6pk -Steven's Point Whole Hog Key Lime Pie 6pk Single: -Arizona Hard Green Tea 22oz -Arizona Hard Lemon Tea 22oz -Arizona Hard Peach Tea 22oz -Tripping Animals Bagheera Sour 16oz -Tripping Animals Willie the Astronaut Sour 16oz -Drekker Midwest Sunrise Braaaaaaaains 16oz -Drekker Chips, Dips, Whips, and Chains IPA 16oz -Drekker Slang Tropical Crisp 16oz

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