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Tafts Brewing Co is up here!

We are almost there to the weekend! Come on down for a $5 flight of beer from our new menu! $1 off moonshine, bourbon, and glasses of wine from our new wine menu!

New arrivals today! Exciting we got a few new breweries today!

-Tafts Brewing Hazy Colado 6pks -Tafts Brewing Nellies Black Cherry Ale 6pks -Tafts Brewing Gavel Banger IPA 6pks -Tafts Brewing Hazelnut 6pks -Flying Embers Ancient Berry 4pks -Flying Embers Ginger & Oak 4pks -Flying Embers Grapefruit & Thyme 4pks -Flying Embers Lemon Orchard 4pks -Mckenzies Black Cherry 6pks

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