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Nugget Nectar Wednesday!

Whoa Whoa Wednesday! Come on down tonight! Troegs Nugget Nectar Event tonight at 6pm with Troegs rep Jim! On tap:

-Nugget Nectar -Nugget Nectar Nitro -Sunshine Pils -Scratch Series When In Doubt Lager -Javahead

Got some new goodies in today! -Bookhouse Brewing Island Gigantism 4pks -Bookhouse Brewing Whoops Juicy IPA 4pks -Bookhouse Brewing Celestial Map 6pks -Singlecut Im an Alligator 16oz -Heretic Brewing Make America Juicy Again 6pks -Heretic Brewing Evil Twin Red IPA 6pks -Heretic Brewing Evil Cousin 6pks -Jackie Os BBA Dark Apparition 12.9oz -Jackie Os Coffee Vanilla Dark Apparition 12.9oz -Stone Viking Space Probe 6pks -Boulder Shake 6pks -Left Hand Hard Wired 6pks -Prairie BOMB! 12oz

Nuggie Nectty Wednesdays

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