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Modern Times is here!

Hump day is here! We got some goodies in today for your drinking pleasure including a brand new brewery to Ohio! Today's specials are $2 off wine by the glass and $1 off drafts until 8pm!

-Modern Times Blazing World 4pks -Modern Times Fruitlands 4pks -Modern Times Ghost Mountain 4pks -Modern Times Orderville 4pks -Modern Times Space Ways 4pks -Modern Times Black House 4pks -Urban Artifact Gramophone 4pks -Urban Artifact Photo Booth 6pks -Unibroue Megadeth 4pks -Fat Heads Hop JuJu 4pks -Jackie Os Sea Foam 6pks

Join us this Friday for one of our last food truck Friday events! Platform Beer Co. with Square Scullery! Event kicks off at 6pm sharp!

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