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New Beer Friday O_O

Happy Friday everybody! You made it. Why not stop down and treat yourself to a new beer? Come check out the new digs! We got a COUPLE of new things to look at!

-Pilsner Urquell 4pk Lunchboxes! -Lagunitas Willetized 22oz -Millersburg Edgy Elf 6pks -Columbus Insane Wanderer 6pks -New Belgium Brut IPA 6pks -Melvin Drunken Master 4pks -Melvin Your IPA 6pks -Melvin 2x4 4pks -Platform Holiday Donut Cookie 6pks -Hoppin Frog BA Boris Batch #300 22oz -Sixpoint BA Righteous 4pks -Evil Twin Poetry is What Gets Lost in Translation 16oz -Evil Twin I Always Felt Closer to IPA 16oz -Evil Twin Bozo Beer 16oz -Evil Twin Big Ass Money Stout 16oz -Evil Twin This IPA Is Kind of a Big Deal 16oz -Evil Twin Saus Baus 16oz -Evil Twin G is for Grapefruit 16oz -Decadent Ales Coco Ecto 16oz -Decadent Ales Blackberry Cream Pop 16oz -Fat Orange Cat Severe Tire Damage 16oz -Fat Orange Cat Someone In My Head 16oz -Fat Orange Cat Sweet Jane 16oz

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