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Happy Friday! Avery Loves You!

Happy Friday! New Arrivals:

10 Barrel Joe IPA 6pk Avery El Gose 6pk cans Avery Mephistopeles' 12oz (14.6%) *1 per customer Avery Samael's 12oz (16.3%) *1 per customer Avery PumpKYn 12oz (18.8%)*1 per customer Avery Rumpkin 12oz (17.5%) *1 per customer Bells Double Cream Stout 6pk Bells Java Stout 6pk Blue Moon Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout 6pk Breckenridge Christmas 6pk Columbus Yakima Fresh Hop 12oz bottles *2 per customer Dark Horse Crooked Tree 6pk Epic Big Bad Baptist 22oz Fat Heads Hop Stalker 4pk Founders Harvest Ale 4pk Hoppin' Frog TORIS 22oz Platform City Boy 4pk cans Platform Esther 6pk cans Platform Jacote Project Rangpur Lime 6pk cans Rhinegeist Knucklehead 22oz Rhinegeist Penguin Blonde Stout 22oz Wild Ohio Black Raspberry Hops 6pk Wild Ohio Blueberry Lavender 6pk

Happy Hour 11am-8pm:

-$1.00 off ALL draft beer

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