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Tuesday Booze-day!

Stop out today for our Happy Hour Specials between 11am-8pm:

-$1.00 off ALL draft beer

-$2.00 off ALL bourbon mixed drinks & shots

Tomorrow we will be featuring Troegs Brewing Company & Stone Pelican Rolling Cafe (see their food menu below)! The event will feature a variety of Troegs beers and a ton of free giveaways!

Additionally, we will be raffling off a Troegs beach party package (Troegs beach towel, frisbee, sunglasses, and more!) at 9:00pm--the raffle is free, but you must be present to win! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow! Cheers!

New Arrivals:

Alpine Duet 22oz Alpine Hoppy Birthday 22oz Avery Ale to the Chief 22oz Breckenridge Mango Mosaic 6pk

Coronado 20 Imperial IPA 4pks

Dark Horse IPA Variety 12pk

Laguniats Stoopid Wit 6pks

New Holland Ichabod Pumpkin 6pks Nowhere in Particular Batch No 002 4pk cans

Warped Wing Ermal's Cream Ale 4pk cans Warped Wing 10 Ton Oatmeal Stout 4pk cans Warped Wing Troutwood Lager 4pk cans Warped Wing Self Starter Session IPA 4pk cans Wolf's Ridge Clear Sky Daybreak 6pk Wolf's Ridge Clear Sky Cream Ale 6pk Wolf's Ridge Driftwood 6pk

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