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Welcome to the last Wednesday of the year. This is your last chance to enjoy $2.00 off of wine by the glass in 2020! Come down and relax with us. It's even nice enough to lounge on the patio! New and Returning Today: -Birdfish Headband Phone 16oz 4pk -Birdfish Too Hip to Sip 16oz 4pk -Birdfish Super Galactic Expialidocious 16oz 4pk -Birdfish Scripted 16oz 4pk -Birdfish Cocoa Haze 16oz 4pk -Double Wing Butter Pecan 6pk -Rogue Batsquatch 6pk -Odd Side Peanut Butter Stout 4pk -Odd Side Sabro Dank Juice 6pk -Odd Side Apricot Dank Juice -McKenzies Apple Crisp 6pk -Brooklyn Key Lime Sour 6pk


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