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Welcome to Wednesday everyone! Just a friendly reminder, again, that our daily specials have changed to set weekly specials. We even increased how late happy hour runs so make sure to come in and check out Kent's longest happy hour specials! New in Today: -Boulevard Irish Ale 6pk -Boulevard Rye on Rye 4pk -Starcut Ciders Bucket 6pk -Short's IPA Awesome Variety 12pk Singles: -Abomination, Harvester Cranberry Cherry Tang 16oz -Evil Twin, Retro Monk Suffers Serious Sugar Rush on Barbados 16oz -Fat Orange, Cat Baby Kittens 12oz -Omnipollo, Ice Cream White Tangerine 16oz -Tox Brewing, Water Lily V2 (Sour with Mango, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Vanilla, Coconut, Chocolate, and Milk Sugar) -Twelve Percent, Valley IPA


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