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Happy Tuesday everyone! Here's your algebra problem for the day: 9(w-2)+3=2(2w-15) Whether you can solve it or not you all get $2.00 off bourbon pours and $1.00 off drafts until 7:00pm! Don't forget to join us this Friday for our Pride Event! Check our event page for more info! New in Today: -Nowhere in Particular Making A Riffle 16oz 4pk -Bent Water Sluice Juice 16oz 4pk -Bent Water Thunder Funk 16oz 4pk -Bent Water Double Thunder Funk 16oz 4pk -New Holland 12pk Sampler -Flying Dog Saltwater Taffy IPA 6pk -Bud Light Seltzer Retro Summer 12pk -Platform Arnie Palmer 16oz 4pk


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