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Could it already we Thursday? That means in just two day we will be celebrating As Black As My Heart! Come enjoy some amazing dark beers with us! I hope to see you there this Saturday! New in this week: -Odd Side POG Seltzer 6pk -Odd Side Pink Lemonade Seltzer 6pk -Odd Side Cat in the Wall 6pk -Anderson Valley Poleeko Pale Ale 6pk -Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout 6pk -Anderson Valley Briney Melon 6pk -Anderson Valley Huge Arker 4pk -Rogue Gumbaroo 6pk -Rogue Double Chocolate 16oz 4pk -Thirsty Dog Bernese Barley Wine 4pk -Fat Heads Alpha Ambush 6pk -Heavy Seas Chocolate Volcano 6pk -Heavy Seas Impending Doom 6pk -Boulevard Rye on Rye 4pk -Three Floyd's Brian Boru 6pk -Lexington Kentucky Peanut Butter Porter 6pk -Ommegang Keep it Crunchy 4pk -Stone Buenaveza 6pk -Hop Tree Citrus Grove 16oz 4pk -Flying Dog 12pk Variety Bottles

-Flying Dog 12pk Variety Cans

-Toppling Goliath Mozee 16oz 4pk

-Toppling Goliath Fresh Batch S'mores 16oz 4pk

-AleSmith IPA 16oz 4pk

-AleSmith .394 Pale Ale 16oz 4pk

-Single, AleSmith Vanilla Cinnamon Speedway Stout 16oz

-Coronado Orange Ave Shandy 16oz 6pk

-Coronado Mango Farm 16oz 6pk

-Coronado Palm Sway 16oz 6pk

-Coronado Bonfire Beach 16oz 4pk

-North High Filthy McNasty 6pk

-Empire State of Mind 16oz 4pk

-Empire Skinny Atlas Cranberry Kolsch 16oz 4pk

-Empire Ceiling Zero Grapefruit 16oz 4pk

-Empire Black Magic Irish Stout 16oz 4pk

-Melvin 2xThor RIIPA 16oz 4pk

-Platform Open Market 6pk

-Bud Light NEXT 12/6pk Singles: -Fat Orange Cat Traffic Lights Turn Blue Tomorrow 16oz -Fat Orange Cat I Don't Like Mondays 16oz -Fat Orange Cat Aquacat 12oz -Jackie O's Anvil Chorus 12.7oz


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