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Rumor has it...

Word around town is that every Tuesday at 101 Bottles you can enjoy $2.00 off bourbon pours and $1.00 off drafts until 7:00pm. While your down here consider picking up some of these awesome new items below! New in Today: -Hubbard's Cave Fresh IPA V. 41 16oz 4pk -Une Annee Framboise 16oz single -Une Annee Peche 16oz single -Ithaca Apricot Wheat 6pk -Ithaca Casca Zilla 6pk -Ithaca Happy Poppy 16oz 4pk -Central Waters Tropical Face Punch 6pk -Central Waters Straight Outta Amherst 6pk -R. Shea Prime Editing 16oz 4pk -Platform Apple Zaps 16oz 4pk -Platform Red Martian 16oz 4pk -North High Jalalima 6pk -Bell's Oberon 6pk -Bell's Oberon 12pk


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