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Pourgasm is Tomorrow!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Join us for a few green beers at the bar! Join us tomorrow for Pourgasm 3.0! It's going to be an amazing event with some of the best sours you've had! Everything should be ready to go by 1:00pm! Don't miss out on some of these amazing sours because we might not see some of them again. Check the event page for the draft specialty list! New in Today: -Revolution Unsessionable 16oz 4pk -Jackie O's Off Duty Lifeguard 6pk -Victory Motel Paloma 6pk -Southern Tier Overpacked 15pk (New Beers) -Thin Man Minkey Boodle 16oz 4pk -Thin Man Sci-Fi Hamster Wheel 16oz 4pk -Ignite Don't Stand so Gose to Me 6pk -Ignite Mountain High Haze 6pk -Platform Canalway 6pk Single: -Crafted the Harbinger 16.9oz -450 North Tropic Nuggets IIIPA 16oz -450 North Sandy's Candies Slushy XL 16oz -450 North Golden Spatula 16oz -450 North Karbby Kake Double Deluxe Slushy XXL 16oz -450 North Barnacle Guy 16oz

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