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Opening at 10:00am Saturday

It's Friday again everyone! No matter what your plans are we have the perfect beer to pair with them!

Friendly reminder that we will be opening at 10:00am tomorrow for the World Cup! Get here nice and early with us and let's see if we can get into the final eight!

Thanks again to all our first responders who kept the fire downtown under control!

New in Today:

-Wolf's Ridge Bourbon Barrel Dire Wolf 4pk

-Wolf's Ridge Santa Was Here 16oz 4pk

-Wolf's Ridge 9th Anniversary 4pk

-Downeast #3 Variety Berry 8pk

-Downeast Winter 4pk (Restock)

-Saucy Numb Nuts 16oz 4pk

-Goldhorn Dead Man 6pk

-Columbus Insane Wanderer v4 6pk


-Modist Double Ghost Vision DDH NEIPA 16oz

-Modist Forbidden Canyons DDH IIPA 16oz

-Tripping Animals Crispy 4 Years Lager 16oz

-Tripping Animals 4th Trip Around the Sun IPA 16oz

-Tripping Animals 4 Years of Tripping Sour Ale 16oz

-Anchorage Pie Assassin IPA 16oz

-Anchorage Lets Go IPA 16oz

-Maine Another One 16.9oz

-Maine Mean Old Tom 16.9oz

-Maine Mo 16.9oz

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