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New Happy Hours

Happy Tuesday everyone! We're starting this week with new happy hour specials! We will now have set deals for the entire week instead of daily deals! The deals will run from Open until 9:00pm Sunday-Thursday and Open-7:00pm Friday and Saturday! See the attached image for what the Happy Hour now includes. New in Today: -Bell's Losun 6pk -Founders All Day Haze 16oz 4pk -Columbus Pils 6pk -Flying Dog Cream Team Milk Stout 6pk -Nowhere in Particular Dummy Mint Mocha Imp Stout 16oz 4pk -Hubbard's Cave Murder Hornet (Gingerbread) 16oz 4pk Singles: -Equilibrium Governing Forces IIPA 16oz -Equilibrium Lab Fluff IPA 16oz -Equilibrium Tahitian Sunset 16oz -Hubbard's Cave Coffee & Cakes 16oz -Hubbard's Cave Coco Van 16oz -Masthead Space is Fake 16oz

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