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Masthead Event on 2.5.22

Happy Friday everyone! Join us on 2.5.22 for our first tasting of 2022! We will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of Masthead!!! I'll post more info tomorrow so be sure to check back! -New in Today: Birdfish Cowtown 16oz 4pk Birdfish Grossvater 6pk Birdfish Northern Lights 16oz 4pk Alaskan Stratasphere 6pk Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster 16oz 4pk Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 6pk Founders Highball 4pk Wolf's Ridge Coffee Joy Dire Wolf 16oz 4pk -Singles: Waterloo Salted Caramel 16oz 450 North Abominable Fluff Slushmallow 16oz 450 North Royalty Slushy XXL 16oz 450 North Liquid Slushipop Slushy XXL 16oz 450 North Golden Lion Slushy XXL 16oz 450 North Blurriest Slushy Sour 16oz 450 North Supersize Raspberry Cheesecake Slushy XXL 16oz 450 North Sour Worms 16oz 450 North Peach Ring 16oz 450 North Jungle Juice 16oz 450 North Unicorn Juice 16oz


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