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KSU Appreciation Day!

Another Thursday means another KSU appreciation day! What's KSU appreciation day you may ask? It's a day where we show appreciation to all our lovely customers and offer $6.50 flights and $1.00 off bourbon, moonshine, wine, and drafts!

New in Today:

-Rogue Newport Nights 16oz 4pk

-Thirsty Dog Pineapple 6pk

-Wolf's Ridge Close Yet Far 6pk

-Wolf's Ridge Night Method 6pk

-Wolf's Ridge Slate Run 6pk

-Wolf's Ridge Sustinator 6pk

-Wolf's Ridge Blueberry Parfait 16oz 4pk

-Forbidden Root Accidental Overdub 16oz 4pk

-Forbidden Root Bubble Fountain 16oz 4pk

-Gaffel Kolsch 6pk

-Jackie O's BA Black Maple 12.7oz

-Kentucky Maple Barrel Stout 4pk

-Prairie Cocoa Berry 4pk

-Prairie Pink Guava Funk 4pk

-Prairie You Gotta Horchata 12oz single

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