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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday from 101! Come down and celebrate being another week closer to 2021 with some amazing draft beer. Feeling something new and exciting? Hidden Springs from Tampa Florida has finally hit our area today! Check the list below for all the new beers. New in Today: Champion Megalodon 16oz 4pk R. Shea Twitchy Egg Nog 16oz 4pk Central Waters Fat Elvis 6pk DuClaw For Petes Sake 6pk DuClaw Sour Me Strawberry Grape (Nerds) 16oz 4pk Fat Orange Cat Family Portrait 16oz single Short Throw Crush Bustin' Fresh Paint 16oz single Abomination Azacca Wandering in the Fog 16oz Single Public Access Inner Space 16oz single Timber Ales Insomniac Daydream 16oz single The Brewing Projekt Puff Tart XL Madarin Raspberry 16oz single The Brewing Projekt Puff Tart XL Pineapple Guava 16oz single Hidden Spring Dull Boy Sour 16oz single Hidden Springs Lonely Mall Bench 16oz single Hidden Springs I Am The Walrus 16oz single Original Sin Cidre Libre Cider 6pk Rothaus Pils 6pk Reissdorf Kolsch 5L Lagabiere Ta Meilleure 16oz 4pk Lagabiere LA Plus Meilleure 16oz 4pk

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