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Gettin' Down on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Come in and get stocked up for the game this Sunday or just join us at the bar for a few good beers. Check the bar tab for the updated menu! New in Today: -Truly Extra Peach 16oz -Truly Extra Blackberry 16oz -Zaftig Juicy Lucy 6pk -Brew Kettle Perfect Strangers 6pk -Bell's The Wild One 750ml -Nowhere in Particular I wanna chew on it IIIPA 16oz 4pk -Wiedemann's Bohemian Pilsner 6pk -Jolly Scholar Lights on Lager 16oz 4pk -Modist Brewing Future Pixels IIPA 16oz single -Modist Brewing Dreamyard NEIPA 16oz single -Modist Among the Madness 16oz single -The Brewing Projekt Puff Tart XL Raspberry Guava Pineapple Vanilla 16oz single -Graft Cider Farm Flor 4pk -Graft Cider Rhubarb 4pk -Graft Cider Lost Tropic 4pk -Graft Cider Book of Nomad 4pk

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