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Friday (Edited)

It's Food Truck Friday #5 everyone! Come down and enjoy some amazing food from Zydeco alongside some fantastic mixed drinks from Tito's Vodka! Don't miss out! It all starts at 5:00pm and runs until 9:00pm! We look forward to seeing you soon! New and Returning Today: -Single Voodoo Lacto-Kooler 16oz -Single Untitled Art Painkiller 16oz -Single Untitled Art Black and Blue Chocolate Chip Pancake Stout 12oz -Single Untitled Art Dragonfruit Nectar 16oz -Single Tripping Animals Otters & O's 16oz -Single Tripping Animals Who Loves Orange Soda 16oz -Single Humble Forager Coastal Sunshine Smoothie Sour 16oz -Single Humble Forager Enchanted Island Tiki Sour V2 16oz -Single The Brewing Projekt Puff Tart XL Pineapple Guava Dragonfruit 16oz -Flying Dog Thunderpeel 6pk -Destihl Here Goes Nothing 6pk -Kona Light 6pk -Platform Gym Day Goals 6pk -Platform Mindful Mischief 16oz 4pk -Flying Monkey Juicy Ass 16oz 4pk -Flying Monkey Sparklepuff 16oz 4pk -Boss Dog JOBU 6pk -Boss Dog Millennial Hipster 6pk -Wolf's Ridge Favored Sun 6pk -Single Wolf's Ridge Breakfast Barrel Dire Wolf 22oz

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