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Happy Friday everyone! A bunch of new great beers have just arrived! Also don't forget to stop our next week for Pourgasm 3.0! We've got some absolutely amazing things lines up for it so be sure to check our the pinned post in the next few days! New in Today: -Fat Head's Bone Head Red 4pk -Sycamore Super Fresh 16oz 4pk -Toppling Goliath Shandy Shore 12pk -Toppling Goliath Electric Dino Boogie IIPA 16oz 4pk -Brew Kettle Black Rajah 6pk -Schlafly Raspberry Hefeweizen 6pk -Schlafly Hazed for Days Variety 12pk -New Holland Crimson Keep Dragon's Milk 4pk -New Holland Tales of Gold Dragon's Milk 4pk -Flying Dog Super Hook 6pk -Toppling Goliath Electric Dino Boogie IIPA 16oz 4pk -Toppling Goliath Shandy Shore 12pk -Ellicottville Pineapple Upside Down Shake 16oz 4pk -Three Floyds Cocomungo 4pk -Hoppin' Frog Peach Pecan 4pk -Jackie O's Static Flow 6pk -Schofferhoffer Watermelon Mint 16oz 4pk -Sycamore Slurricane -Stone Patio Magic 6pk -War Pigs Lazurite 6pk -Market Garden Haze Bro 6pk -New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Danger Beach 6pk Single: -Equilibrium Tangerine Peel IIIPA 16oz -Equilibrium Fog Physics IIPA 16oz -Equilibrium Control Loops IIPA 16oz -Tripping Animals Hundreds of Babies IIPA 16oz -Tripping Animals Hounds of Hades Sour 16oz -Veil Never Never Again Again Gose 16oz -Veil Merciless IIPA 16oz -Veil Doom Volume Enhanced IPA 16oz -The Brewing Projekt Paczki XL 16oz -The Brewing Projekt Puff Tart Ragerant 16oz -Delirium Barrel Aged 22oz


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