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Happy Friday everyone! We've got a new menu full of wonderful beer! Stay posted for updates on our "May the 4th" tap takeover. New in Today: R. Shea Raspberry Light 16oz 4pk Shorts Local Light 12pk DuClaw Blackberry Citrus Funk 6pk Breckenridge BA Vanilla Porter 4pk DuClaw, Sour Me Peach Cobbler 16oz 4pk DuClaw It Was All A Dreamsicle 16oz 4pk Mighty Swell Tropical Variety 12pk Cacti Variety 9pk Troegs Spring Variety 12pk Zaftig Wee Heavy 4pk Zaftig Nuts For You 4pk Zaftig Razzy Galore 4pk Hoppin' Frog Coconut Cream Pie 16oz Brew Kettle TS Express Stout 6pk Humble Forager Coastal Sunset 16oz single Humble Forager Enchanted Island 16oz single Humble Forager Coastal Sunrise 16oz single Humble Forager Nomads Paradise 16oz single Untitled Art Pixie Orange Lavasplash 16oz single Untitled Art Nonstop Dry Hop 16oz single Battery Steele Flume2 16oz single The Brewing Projekt Raspberry Cheesecake Chomp Chomp 16oz single The Brewing Projekt Maui Wowie Jungo Juice 16oz single The Brewing Projekt Smooffe Sour Peach Pineapple Pomegranate 16oz single SingleCut Metal DDH IIPA 16oz single SingleCut Bright & Hollow Sky 16oz single


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