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Happy Friday everyone! Just a friendly heads up that we will be closing at 8:00pm on Sunday for our staff holiday party.

In the meantime join us for some good beer and grab a 6pk on your way home! Have a great weekend and we'll see you all soon!

New in Today:

-Hop Tree Crimson King 16oz 4pk

-Saucy El Lager 6pk

-Rhinegeist Cloud Harvest #7 6pk

-Melvin Hubert (Last Run) 6pk

-Masthead Ice Melter 16oz 4pk

-Southern Tier Irish Cream 6pk

-Truly Margarita 12pk


-Drekker After School Prrrt Sour 16oz

-Drekker Chonk Peaches and Cream Sour 16oz

-Drekker Noodle Effect DNEIPA 16oz

-Drekker Synaptic Cleft DNEIPA 16oz

-Tripping Animals Abuela's Breakfast Sour 16oz

-Tripping Animals Orange Chocolate Fondue Sour 16oz

-Tripping Animals Ever Haze NEIPA 16oz


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